We made it through lambing season!

Denise Holland-Tuft (Witness to Wonders) came over last weekend and took some wonderful photos of our farm – including the one featured here. For Denise’s full post with all the photos check out this link; https://www.facebook.com/denise.tuft/posts/10220274568486476

This spring our three ewes gave birth to 6 new lambs; 5 girls and a boy starting in late February (surprise!) with Laverne’s two surviving lambs (Donald and Daisy). In late March we got triplets from Shirley (Kitt, Lucy and Elsie). And finally – quite late – Bonnie gave birth to her first lamb, April. Each lambing season brings new experiences for us all. Some are not so great (we lost one of Laverne’s triplets), to the wonder of Shirley’s triplets who are all thriving. Bonnie gave us a bit of a scare when she only had one because we are used to them giving birth to multiples. However, I’m told by Tom Hodgman of Waldoview Farms (where we got our original two ewes) that this is fairly normal for a young mother like Bonnie. At 10-1/2lbs and growing, April is doing well.

We had planned to bring the lambs down to the store yard for a petting day, but in these days of social distancing that won’t be possible this year. If you want to see more lamb pictures check out our Facebook page where Denise has posted all the wonderful pictures that she took that day.

Happy Spring!

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