Stink Bugs – Apple Pests! You can help.

Those stink bugs that you keep finding in your house are more than just a nuisance. For organic apple orchards like ours, they do terrible damage that doesn’t show up until after the apples are picked. Stink bugs die if the temperature goes below zero, and that’s why they try to overwinter in gaps and cracks around heated buildings, like your house. And unfortunately, if you are growing apples organically like we are, there are no effective ways to kill them in the orchard. So… as the purveyors of your favorite fresh cider and clean, wholesome apples, please, please kill these little critters when you see them. Don’t worry – there are millions more, but they tend to not move much, so every one you squish is one less ruined apple for us, and more cider for you.  Thanks!

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