Bulk & Wholesale Cider – 2023 Season

We have an abundance of apples this year! While it’s a good “problem’ to have – we also need to find other places to sell our cider. This year we are happy to be able to expand our sales with wholesale & bulk orders. If you are looking for an excellent cider for your store please contact us and we can talk options. For those who want cider in quantities greater than 3 gallons (for parties or perhaps to turn into delicious hard cider!) we are happy to provide it at a reduced price. We ask that you either provide your own containers for bulk orders or we can provide gallon jugs at our cost. We anticipate that we’ll continue pressing cider throughout this Fall and Early Winter.

What makes our cider different from other orchards?

  1. We don’t use drops. And we spend hours sorting and washing the apples prior to pressing to maintain quality.
  2. We don’t add water – it’s just straight apple cider.
  3. We use only our own organic apples and can tell you exactly what varieties are in each pressing. As the season progresses the cider changes flavor somewhat – gets more complex – we think the perfect mix of sweet and tart.

For wholesale and bulk cider inquiries please call (518) 709-4612 or email louise@hungrychickenfarmmarket.com.

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